3 simple steps to kickstart your course creation (the right way!)

This free workbook will set you off on a path that guarantees your course will get transformational results for your students, without all the guesswork and overwhelm.


Inside The Digital Course Kickstart Kit, you'll discover...

  • 5 crystal clear signs you're finally ready to design an online course and scale your business with ease - even if you're not an "expert" 
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I'm Steph!

I'm a learning designer + digital course expert who's helped hundreds of entrepreneurs turn their ideas + experience into transformational courses so they can expand their impact on countless lives (while building more spaciousness into their own.)

I've worked with a variety of clients, from professors at Stanford to 7 figure entrepreneurs and A list celebrities, such as Tyra Banks and Alex Rodriguez, but found a special love with online entrepreneurs like you!

My superpower is helping you pull the gold out of your head and turning it into a clear + comprehensive curriculum that will take your students by the hand and empower them to get massive results.

Inside this free workbook, I'm showing you how to set your digital course up for success and sidestep the tripping hazards that I see the most!